Due to the on going growth of the business, the EPA has contacted us and as there are some people that do not understand how the microbes work, we must now remove any and all pesticidal claims, and that is the reason some of the pages will not be shown. Because the microbes remove something naturally they want the products registered as a pesticide and that is not what Microbes are.  There are 2 reasons this will not happen, #1 Microbes are NOT a chemical pesticide and #2 we will not pay many thousands of dollars per product to register them when there is nothing to register because they are not a pesticide!
Presents Heartland Microbes
Bio Zymes

We offer safe and cost effective microbial products for a variety 

  of industries.

          Land contamination.
          Agricultural industry solutions.
          Water solutions: Ponds and lagoons.
          Home and garden products.
          Waste odor management.  Manure management
          Specially engineered formulas for the Petroleum Industry.

We strive to protect the environment through Heartland Microbes products and services for farms, domestic and industry in need of natural solutions.
Combining many years of combined experience in the farming, agricultural 
industry, petroleum and chemical industry, our team can bring you the results you need.   Our formulators practice on going research and development of our microbes to constantly improve and update Heartland Microbes.

Anaerobic microbes digest waste solids very slowly leading to the buildup of solids and pungent toxic gasses in the pits and lagoons.  This reduces the efficiency of waste management systems.
The anaerobic digestion of animal waste can be changed to aerobic digestion by proper application of Heartland Microbes into the affluent stream of animal wasted systems.  Heartland Microbes contains a very broad and diverse population of beneficial aerobic microbes in a highly concentrated form.  Aerobics require an oxygen-containing environment.  If aerobic microbes are introduced into an environment that is lacking oxygen they will begin to build oxygen into this environment as long as they survive and reproduce.
Chuck Hindman
Hays, Kansas
 Microbes have been on this planet longer than man.  People have off-set this planets eco system.  Using our Microbes we are able to re-set nature using nature.  Our Microbes are natural live microbes, not genetically altered.   We are one of the few carrying such a large diversity of  125 species.  Working together, we the people can remove the chemical footprints that man has left behind, restoring nature back to the way God intended.
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Renew and Preserve
"God's Country"

Restoring America One Hill, One Meadow, One Valley, One Pond, One Acre at a Time
Americas landfills that pre-date the liners to keep ground water clean; those landfills that contaminate the water table can be cleaned up to a level that is happy to the environment.
Landfill brings in all kinds of problems to the environment, but a landfill on Heartland Microbes, a product with no toxic pathogens to plant, beast or man, all natural, is a landfill that is good, happy and friendly to the environment.   Heartland Microbes will do this with Heartland Microbes Waste and Odor Control and you will gain the management  of your odor problems.
A landfill is 30% to 40% biodegradable; grocery stores, restaurants, night clubs and common household trash will give a landfill a 30% to 40% stream of biodegradable material which the Microbes will in turn break down and return back to the landfill the 30% to 40% volume to reuse.  Meaning prolonging the system 30% to 40%, delaying the building of a new cell and or landfill.  Bottom line is a 30% to 40% volume recovery with Heartland Microbes which equals more landfill profit and a cleaner, environment friendly landfill.  At this point we have managed odor and a volume leading to profit but that is not all.  Landfills have a quiet problem with environment called methane gas.  They have to put in a pipeline system to do things like pipe it out to a main pipeline or pipe it out to a burner that burns it off, meaning burning a gas off into the air that we the people breathe which creates a whole other problem.  The Heartland Microbes in the system make their own environment to produce and grow.  They can do this without the high levels of methane that creates the need to be piped out or burned off.  So in short , Heartland Microbes are for an environment friendly landfill.  Odor management, clean air, and volume that equals a higher profits, plus a methane level that does not have to be piped out or burned off.  
Management of odor, more volume and clean leaching system all using the common sense approach with Heartland Microbes.

A simple way to explain Microbes is this....  We live in an eco system that has become out of balance with many years of over fertilization and use of chemicals in fields, gardens, and yards.  By working with Microbes in the land we are able to use nature to rebalance nature.  Microbes have been around since the beginning of time but man has "off balanced" nature.  All that we are doing with the use of Microbes is to rebalance nature..... just that simple.... and it works!  The simple way to go GREEN .
Trees Planted the same week in 
May, 2009
Above are not on  Microbes
Below are on Microbes
Pictures were taken June, 2010
Same type of trees, all planted in the same week, only difference is one group is worked with Microbes, the other is not.
Please allow up to a week for processing orders and more if Microbe formulator does not have a batch quite ready for shipment.
       Striving to Clean Up America without Tearing it Up!
Microbes is the safe, effective way to
Clean up the "NO DIG" way.

Picture was taken August 25, 2012
A five gallon bucket instead of basketball.
Picture taken August 25, 2012. Same set of trees.
Notice how they are filling in.