Crystal Clear Pond & Lake Enhancer
Mid America Land Restoration

Do you have alga in your ponds or lakes? You can have beautiful crystal clear ponds and lakes if you use Crystal Clear Pond & Lake Enhancer. Mix 2 gallons of Crystal Clear Pond & Lake Enhancer with 10 gallons of fresh water per surface acre. Spray around edge of pond or lake. Any product that's left, spray across the pond of lake. Depending how much alga that the pond or lake has, you should start seeing changes in 10 to 14 days.

It will not harm any fish or live animals in the pond or lake.

The people that raise fish for market are finding that they have fish that weight 1 lb. heavier in the same growth time frame. It enhances the oxygen in the pond or lake.

Available in two convenient sizes:

Quarts:   $27.00
                                           Plus Shipping...
Gallons: $77.00