Intro to Microbes
Heartland Microbes is a very special formulation of over 18 families and 125 species of microbes blended to make one of the most unique microbial products on the market today.

Add life to your soil,  by using Heartland Microbes for Agriculture, Lawns and Gardens.  Heartland Microbes Soil Enhancer unlocks nutrients for better plants and turf, increase root growth and mass seed germination and emergence by reducing soil crusting.  Bio-Inoculants living soil micro-organisms and other organic substances accelerate and encourage the natural activities of micro-organisms already in the soil.  Enhances fertilizer.  Cost effective organic products for a variety of industries.

Clean up your Ponds, Lagoons, and Waterways by using Heartland Microbes.

All Heartland Microbes Products are very safe, non-toxic and all natural. With the use of Heartland Microbes products we are returning your soil back to its natural state.  We can remove all toxins and restore the microbial population.  Which means new life to your soil and cleaner water sources!

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