More Uses for Heartland Microbes
Heartland Microbes can be used in ULV Cold Foggers for many purposes.  An easy way to manage mold, smoke odor, fleas, bed bugs, etcetera.  Has even been useful in the management of many types of viruses.  
No chemicals, all natural, no respirator needed when fogging with Heartland Microbes.  However if you are fogging for mold remediation it is  strongly recommended that you wear a respirator simply because of the mold spores, and the high volume of air flow that the fogger will produce, this will enhance the number of airborne mold spores which can lead to respiratory problems.

Can be used indoors or outdoors for barrier spraying or spot treatments.  Can be used in schools, hospitals, motels, hotels, food processing plants, warehouses, correctional facilities, lumberyards.  They can also be used at golf courses, campgrounds, parks, greenhouses, dog kennels, horse barns, dairy barns....  anywhere there is an odor problem, mold problems , any kind of fungi. 

Why Heartland Microbes versus other Microbe products??  Because Heartland Microbes has over 18 families which creates over  125 different species of microbes in each microbe product we sell.   Our Microbes offer a very diverse range of options for use and is totally safe and effective, naturally.

When fogging indoors for smoke odors or flea infiltration wait apx. 72 hours for microbes to to be effective, then just vacuum carpets and furniture and wipe everything off as usual.  We recommend cleaning with the Miracle II Soap products as cleaning with any chemicals will kill the Microbes.  For mold it will take longer depending on the amount of mold the microbes have to eat.  Use 50/50 when fogging and direct spraying heavy mold areas. When working in mold always wear a mask.

Heartland Microbes is an organic, microbial and bacterial system used for the management of mold, mildew, algae, fungus, waste, and any thing else associated with decay and odor. Our microbes loves to eat as these are their food source It is totally safe to apply on carpeting, curtains, bedding, walls, ceilings, air ducts, flooring, sewer pipes, grease traps septic systems, sidewalks, plant bedding, lawns, wherever mold and odor is a concern. Heartland Microbes is a non-toxic organic product and will not stain or discolor fabrics. DO NOT MIX with chemicals or insecticides. When applying, use only containers that have not had any chemicals or insecticides in them. Heartland microbes may be applied with sprayers or fogging units.
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