Picture was taken June, 2010This Picture was taken August 25, 2012. Same set of trees.This Picture was taken August 25, 2012. Same set of trees.This Picture was taken
 August 25, 2012. Same
 set of trees. Notice how
 they are starting to fill in.
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Lilac's grown with Heartland Microbes
Heartland Microbes were used in each of the photos on this page.
Feed Field
Balko, OK
       Corn Field
Guyman, OK
Cucumbers Guymon, OK
Soy bean field in Pa.
Soy bean
root system
Now here is some sweet potato's large enough to feed the whole family!
Horse Justa before Microbes
Justa after 6 months on the Heartland Microbes.
Look at his coat and muscles.
  Gardening with Heartland Microbes
Corn raised with Microbes in Dimmit, TX
Kentucky Pair Orchard using our Microbes
Strawberry farm is owned by: Robbie Burnett. at Wauchula, Fl. These are the pictures of the second crop that these strawberry plants have had. The farmer did not use Heartland Microbes on the plants before the first picking. The strawberries were not as large on the first picking as they were on the second picking and usually they never get a very good crop the second picking. The farmer used the Heartland Microbe products when the strawberries were in bloom for the second time and these strawberrys are big, beautiful, sweet and a lot of them. He got more strawberries on the second picking than the first.

Brenda Raabe's , Florida, Key Limes
Brenda's Double Hibiscus
Greenhouse Cucumbers grown with Microbes
More of Brenda's Flowers.
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Florida Pond Clean-Up with Heartland Microbes / click on photo to enlarge
These beauties were grown by Deb and Lisa of California
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Wisconsin Apple tree belonging to Burdette Weirich
Schrock Garden in Wisconsin
Cattle raised in Hays, Ks. using Heartland Microbes
John's corn in Virginia, he actually has more than one ear of corn per stock by using our Microbes!
Irvin's Microbes enhanced wheat in Kansas, great crop!
Microbe enhanced garden - From planting to harvest.
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Tree documentary.   Trees were no bigger around than a #2 pencil when planted in May, 2009
Hindman Greenhouse Pictures grown with microbes.