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Livestock Bio Pour
Horse Health Enhancer
Small Animal Health Enhancer
Natural Tree Enhancer
Clear Lake & Pond Enhancer
Gold Fish Pond & Water Gardens Enhancer
Natural Lawn Enhancer
Natural Garden Enhancer
Natural Rose & Shrub Enhancer
Goat Health Equalizer
Mold Guard
All Products available in sizes that range from Qts to 300 Gal totes.  Please click on individual products for more info. 
For price quotes or to place orders, please call Chuck at 785-635-7058.

RV's & Boat's Septic Odor Control
Chic & Chicken Health Enhancer
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Please allow up to a week for processing orders and more if Microbe formulator does not have a batch quite ready for shipment.

Due to the on going growth of the business, the EPA has contacted us and as there are some people that do not understand how the microbes work, we must now remove any and all pesticidal claims, and that is the reason some of the pages will not be shown. Because the microbes remove something naturally they want the products registered as a pesticide and that is not what Microbes are.  There are 2 reasons this will not happen, #1 Microbes are NOT a chemical pesticide and #2 we will not pay many thousands of dollars per product to register them when there is nothing to register because they are not a pesticide!