Heartland Microbes Waste and Odor Control for Dairy Operations Protocol

  Drinking Water Treatment:  At a rate of 2 tbls. (1oz) per cow per day

    *Benefits-Due to probiotics produced by the microbes and absorbed by the cow.

    *Better feed conversion resulting in better body condition of cow.

    *More cows coming in heat in timely manner.

    *Reduction of mastitis incidence and somatic cell count

                                       Cost~.70 per cow per day.  
                               (Based on purchase by the gallon)

  Bedding Treatment for Loafing Barns-especially if wood chips

    *8 oz. per gallon of water sprayed onto bedding as it is put in the loafing barn or unloaded off a truck and stockpiled.

    *Will reduce udder irritation from hot bedding that can lead to mastitis.

                                         Cost~$5.60 per gallon of mixed spray.

  Premise Treatment to Control Flies:

    *6 to 8 oz. per gallon of water sprayed on stalls, barns, and on areas around barns

                                          Cost~$4.20 - $5.60 per gallon of mixed spray.

  Lagoon Treatment to Control Odor and Facilitate Sludge Liquification

    *2 gallons per surface acre applied around the edge of the lagoon and sprayed out onto the lagoon.

    *Repeat treatment in two weeks.

    *Then evaluate to determine the odor control and the sludge thickness reduction at monthly intervals or recharge if lagoon is flooded.

    *Cost is about $179.90 per lagoon surface acre to charge and initially boost.

Calf Scours Control

    *1 oz of concentrate product given to calf orally soon after birth.
      ( 1 oz per 100 lbs body weight, 2 oz over 100 lbs.)

Heartland Microbes Waste and Odor Control for Livestock

    Health Enhancement for Cattle, Swine, Poultry, Sheep and Goats

    * 1 tbls. (1/2 oz) per gallon of drinking water for the first seven to twenty-one days.   15 lbs to 50 lbs body weight use 1 oz to drench.

    *Health enhancement is due to the probiotics produced by the microbes in the product and is absorbed by the calf.

    *Cost is about $0.35 to $0.70 per gallon of drinking water.

Heartland Microbes Waste and Odor Use in Horses

    *1 oz  per gallon of drinking water for up to 100 lbs, body weight, 2 oz. over 100 lbs.

    *Cost is about $0.70 to $1.40 per gallon of water.

    *4 oz is a 1:1 mixture with water poured down the back of the horse every 3 to 5 days for fly control.

    *Cost is about $2.80 per treatment.

    *8 oz per gallon of water as a spray in stall, bedding, paddock and around barn for fly control.

     Repeat application as needed.

    *Cost is about $5.60 per gallon of mixed spray.

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Heartland Microbes Soil Enhancer Cropland Application

*1 Quart per acre applied through a sprinkler or through a spray applicator in at least 20 gallons of water. One application per crop.

Benefits are as followed:

   1.  Increases crop production by the microbes making nutrients more available for the plant's uptake,  thereby reducing the fertilizer requirements by one fourth to one half.

   2. Decreases water requirement for the crop because the purpose of the water in crop production is to carry nutrients into the plant and if the nutrients are more available in the soil then less carrier is needed.

   3.  Increase the porosity of the soil thereby reducing soil compaction which lets the plan grow a more numerous and deeper root structure.

   4. It will make the crop more bountiful and of better quality.

   5. The cost is about $22.48 per acre.

Poultry Farm Protocol

No matter what type or size of chicken / turkey operation you have, Heartland Microbes has the answers for you. Our microbes will clean up bad bacteria in your chicks, and replace it with good bacteria to enhance good health and resistance to disease. Heartland Microbes will help to manage the ammonia and waste odors associated with poultry operations (see Waste and Odor Control on This Site).

If there is a problem with E. Coli or Coccidiosis or other known diseases in birds it is recommended to shock the system of the birds using 1-gallon of Heartland Microbes to 4-gallons of fresh water for a total of 5 gallons into the medicators to manage the diseases.

It is recommended to mix 1-ozs. of Heartland Microbes per gallon of water, or 5-ozs of Heartland Microbes per 5-gallons of water and use this in the medicators for good health and good feed conversion. This formula can also be used in larger containers.

When baby chicks are put into houses they should be sprayed with a fine mist at a rate of 10ozs. of Heartland Microbes per 1-gallon of water.

Chicken houses should be sprayed with 1 qt. Heartland Microbes per 20 gallons of water on the walls and in the litter.

All Protocols are out of date due to all of the ongoing contamination we are facing from many different locations, one of these major problems we face is the ongoing Radiation from Fukushima Japan. We are faced with many problems from this single event.

Please call in with your location so we can figure out your needs,